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10 Photos From Liberia: Capturing #BlackGirlMagic Through The Lens Of Meskora S. Amoussou

10 Photos From Liberia is a new series to Fufu & Soup Magazine, highlighting the beauty of Liberia and its people through the lens of some of the most talented photographers we’ve come across. In this feature, we’re showcasing the work and story of 23-year-old photographer Meskora S. Amoussou.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with photography

I was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. My father is Togolese and my mom is Liberian. I’m currently a student studying English and Political Science at AME University in Liberia. I spent most of my early life between Ivory coast, Ghana, and Togo and it gave me the opportunity to learn different cultures.

My father used to be a picture lover; he’d capture and record almost every single moment of our lives. He had all sort of cameras. When he had any difficulties setting up a camera or when he wanted someone to take his pictures or record us on a farm or road trip, he’d always ask me to help him and I guess, unknowingly, I fell in love with “capturing the moment”.

I started asking my mom to buy me cell phones with high megapixels, I remember using my Samsung Galaxy S3 and my Sony Xperia z2 for macro shots of plants and bugs or to capture a sunset. And finally, by May 2015, I received my first camera. Photography used to be a hobby, but with time and encouragement of people around me,  I decided to take it to the professional level. My first solo work was the Angel’s Lips Cosmetics Pop-Up shop in December of last year.


Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography

There’s a lot of #BlackGirlMagic in your photos! What inspires you to capture these images and why do you think it’s important to show?

I always love capturing Black girls; especially dark skinned girls. I find our features versatile and perfect for photos. Black girls are my inspiration; we have these traits that make us different from others and make us special. I think it is important to show to the world that the features that we are judged by and put aside for are actually the imprints of our strength and that a black girl can be anyone she wants to be. We are goddesses no matter how the world sees us.

Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography


Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography

Do you have a favorite place in Liberia where you like to take photos?

I can’t really say where my favorite place in Liberia is because I haven’t been everywhere yet, but for now, Ducor Palace Hotel is my favorite place to take pictures. It’s true that the building isn’t what it use to be, but it still has an awesome view of Monrovia and it’s big enough to explore and take random shots.

Ducor Hotel  – Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography



Meskora S. Amoussou Photography


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Contact information:  Whatsapp for booking 231776460198

Photo credit: Meskora S. Amoussou

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