5 New Books By Liberian Women

Liberian authors Angelique Cooper McGlotten, Bilphena Yahwon, Lulu V. Marshall, Bernice Mulubah and Ophelia S. Lewis have all mastered the art of bringing ideas to life through their literary works. Check out the most recent offerings from these five incredible writers:

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Angelique Cooper McGlotten introduces a different approach to story telling as she shares her work through a backward perspective. She explores this “Living Backward” ideology by providing word pictures, analogies, personal anecdotes, and biblical principles for readers to truly internalize the life- changing capabilities her work has to offer.

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“teaching gold-mah how to heal herself” is the first book from Bilphena Yahwon. The book is a compilation of prose poems, poems, journal entries and self-help messages. Themes of the immigrant experience, healing, the joys and pain of black womanhood, love and identity is explored. 

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Lulu V. Marshall shares a series of short literary works and sayings in her book titled “A Book of Liberian Parables: Wise Sayings and Their Simple Interpretations” which works towards guiding her readers through life’s everyday circumstances by using the oral culture that has been passed down through Liberian history. Due to the context of Marshall’s literary piece, readers of all ages are welcomed to enjoy this compilation of sayings and short stories.

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Berenice A. Mulubah brings us “Purple Honey Lips”, a collection of poetry.  Poem topics range from love to social injustice, from solemn to joyous. A few poems are beautifully written in Liberian English (colloqua). Her debut book, “Standing Safely on a Solid Rock”, has been called “raw and a garnished glimpse into the soul” by J. D. Kato.
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Ophelia S. Lewis returns with  “Liberia UnScrabbled”, a 200-page game book of never-before-published puzzles devoted entirely to Liberia. These puzzles will challenge your knowledge of the history, everyday life, and the obscure related to Liberia. Grab a glass of palm wine or Club beer, and solve them all!

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Know of any other recently published books by Liberian women? Please let us know in the comment section! Thanks!


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