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New Webshow: Three Women Review African Movies For “Afro Cinema Review”

Grab some popcorn and a drink! Three fabulous African ladies are here to deliver the best movie reviews!

Afro Cinema Review is a new web TV show which focuses on African movie industries and seeks to bring you fun, fresh and unbiased reviews while entertaining from start to finish. Their critiques also serve to inspire producers, directors and entire production teams to work to a greater level. The show is featured through tvAfrika, an online web TV platform.  tvAfrika’s primary objective is to establish a viable medium of broadcast to not only entertain but to keep Africans in the Diaspora, at home, and friends of Africa updated on what’s happening around the world.

Meet the Hosts

Mardea, Gladys, & Dayolin make up the dynamic “Afro Cinema Review” trio. Gladys and Mardea are Liberian, and Dayolin is Sierra Leonean. Mardea is the founder and producer of Afro Cinema Review and her friendship with Gladys spans several years. Mardea knew Gladys would be a great fit for the show because of her interest and love for African movies. According to Mardea, Gladys is excellent at pointing out errors in movies. Mardea met Dayolin through a friend of her husband. She admires Dayolin’s outspokenness, intelligence, and communication skills. 

On the first episode of Afro Cinema Review, the hosts review three movies: The Next President, Sandra My Daughter and Knocking on Heaven’s Door.

Watch the episode below:

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