“Bound to Secrecy” Depicts A Captivating Account Of The Complexities Of Liberian Society

Acclaimed Liberian author, journalist and film critic, Vamba Sherif, enthralls with his fifth novel Bound To SecrecyA rich mix of African tradition, classic crime fiction and the supernatural, Bound to Secrecy is a captivating account of the complexities of Liberian society and the inevitable clash between modern life and ancient cultures. Sherif brilliantly guides us through these complexities – but some mysteries remain.

The story follows William Mawolo who arrives in a small remote Liberian border town with a clandestine mission: to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the paramount chief Tetese. The locals, however, are far from happy about his presence, and their hostility is increasing daily, threatening to boil over. At the same time, Mawolo is drawn to the departed chief’s daughter, Makemeh, who for some reason doesn’t seem to be too concerned about her missing father.

Intrigued, he decides to stay longer than required – and even attempts to take charge of the town. Little by little, driven by circumstances of his own making, he starts to behave like the despotic man whose disappearance he came to investigate. His desire to uncover the town’s dark secrets leads to contradictory revelations and puts him in danger. The novel explores power and the fear it generates; and of love in all its magical, addictive forms.

Bound To Secrecy is available on Amazon  (Kindle and Paperback). The novel has been published in English, Dutch, Spanish, German, French and Polish.

Sherif was born in Kolahun, Liberia in 1973. In his early teens he moved to Kuwait, where he completed his secondary school. The First Gulf War compelled him to leave Kuwait and settle first in Damascus, Syria, and then in The Netherlands, where he read Law. His books include: The Land of The FathersThe Kingdom of SebahThe Witness and The Black Napoleon.


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