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FACE Africa’s Recent Develoment In Liberia Following 6th Annual WASH Gala

 Saran Kaba Jones founded FACE Africa in 2009 to bring clean and safe drinking water to rural Liberia. Six years later, the organization  has implemented a host of water, sanitation and hygiene projects in Liberia that have benefited over 10,000 people. Last month, FACE Africa hosted its 6th Annual WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Gala in New York City. Over 300 young professional Africans and friends of Africa were in attendance to raise $150,000 for the cause.

Here’s what Saran had to say about the gala,  “We were excited to come together once again to raise awareness and funds for such an important issue that affects our continent and to see so many young Africans come out in support of our mission was truly inspiring. The tide is clearly turning and Africans are standing up and taking charge of their own challenges. This year’s WASH Gala was a clear demonstration of “Africans for Africa” and we hope the trend continues.”

FACE Africa’s recent work in Rivercess, Liberia

In January 2013, FACE Africa launched a new initiative to provide water coverage to the entire county of Rivercess, one of the most marginalized regions in Liberia; under-served in water and sanitation and least likely to be served through the efforts of government and other agencies. Hand pump wells are built by Liberians using locally produced materials. FACE Africa staff members give well maintenance training and repair kits to designated committee members in each community; FACE Africa engineers are only ever called out if there are serious issues. Take a peek at recent development (as of 4/20/15) occurring in Rivercess, Liberia:

Ongoing construction at the Yarpah’s Town Public School in Rivercess to bring clean water to students, teachers and administrators on campus. This project is part of our Safe Schools Initiative to equip schools across the county with the WASH infrastructure needed to keep children safe and healthy.







 Photos credit: FACE Africa

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