“Kemah” By DenG Now Available On ITunes

Good news!  DenG ‘s song Kemah is now available on ITunes (as well as Amazon & CDBaby ). The Liberian musician won Artist of The Year, at this years Liberian Entertainment Awards.  As Liberians, it is very important that we lend not only moral support to our artists, but also financial support. If we want our entertainment sector to flourish, we must express our economic power by buying the songs and concert tickets of our favorite Liberian musicians.  We can proudly say we’ve purchased “Kemah” as well as his hit song “They Vex“, a song which awarded DenG a Song of the Year award and was controversially used by some Liberian political groups back in 2014. You can check out the dance video for Kemah which features the talented D3 Dancers


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