President Sirleaf Wins Global Champion Award

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has become the second winner of a Global Champion Award for her leadership during the fight against Ebola. U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton received the first honor in 2013.
The award was presented by the medical organization, International Medical Corps, an INGO involved in the provision of comprehensive care and resources to people diagnosed of Ebola in Bong County and Margibi County.
Receiving the award, President Sirleaf paid tribute to the communities for showing the leadership and taking ownership in demonstrating the bravery needed to serve as first-responders during the epidemic.
She acknowledged the communities’ role in taking charge; also noting the work put forth by medical professionals and team members of the Incident Management System which helped in surveillance, case finding, contact tracing, and overall management of key response activities during the Ebola epidemic.
The President indicated that in spite of the progress, her administration was committed to vigorous surveillance geared towards protecting its borders as well as preventative measures to increase the pace of combating cholera & malaria.

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