“I Sure Don’t Mind Being The Liberian Oprah!” – Talk Show Host Othelia Marwieh

Amid the vast landscape of web-shows, few are actually hosted and founded by African women, let alone women of Liberian descent; so when we came across the Othelia JOY Show, we were delighted and also curious to learn about the show’s host whose charismatic personality oozes through the screen. Meet Othelia Marwieh: founder and host of the Othelia JOY Show, California State University-Sacramento alumna, and the first African to win the Miss Black Sacramento Scholarship Pageant in 2014. This California-based pageant queen, with Liberian roots, was born in Ivory Coast, and lived in Ghana before coming to the US at age 8. Founded in 2015, the Othelia JOY Show highlights individuals making an impact in their communities and whether Othelia is interviewing the owner of a popular African store or sampling some delicious Liberian food in a homegrown cookshop, the show captivates and entertains from beginning to end. Fufu & Soup Mag caught up with Othelia to discuss her growing web talk show.

What inspired you to create the Othelia JOY Show and what is the ultimate goal for the show?
I am a huge people’s person and enjoy interacting with individuals from all walks of life; so creating a show that gives me a platform to do just that was a no brainier. In addition to that, I have always wanted to be a TV Host or a reporter of some form. I understand it is difficult to get into the field without knowing the right person, so I thought, ‘why not create your own show and become your own host?’ It is just who I am as a person, a go-getter, with a strong sense of drive. An entertainment news outlet called saw my vision and believed in it and decided to give me the opportunity to live my dream. 

The goal of the Othelia JOY Show is to bring awareness and promotion to anyone doing “something” of relevance in the community – African or American. A lot of people ask me why I don’t focus on one aspect such as only entertainment or only business, but the only thing I can really say is that the Othelia JOY Show is for the people. I will gladly have anyone on my show who is doing something positive in the community.  

How can you give back to the community through your show?

I give back by providing free promotion to businesses, entrepreneurs, and sponsoring events in the community. I also hope to establish an Othelia JOY Show scholarship fund for Liberian students who desire to enter media-related career fields.

What can the audience expect from the Othelia JOY Show and what’s next for the show?

The audience can expect interviews and conversations from successful business owners, artists, politicians, and more. They can also expect different perspectives on topics being discussed; so there are different ranges for all audiences.  The hope for the future is to continue doing with I enjoy which is interviewing and hosting and hopefully one day the Othelia JOY Show could be on national television – I sure don’t mind being the Liberian Oprah!

What advice do you have for people who aspire to have their own show one day?

My advice is to be consistent! There will be times when the support is not there, but the key is to make sure you are doing this out of genuine passion. That way, when no one is supporting, you are still consistent because you are doing what you love.


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  • Thanks FUFU & SOUP MAG for running a special news report about the “Othelia JOY Show,” which is brilliant; and thanks for allowing the host, Othelia Marwieh, to give a significant insight about the show: right now and the future. The mag’s concerns and attitudes toward the show is cogent and timely. Also, the mag has allowed the populace, particularly those of an African migrates here in California and even back home Liberia, to see the “Othelia JOY Show” as a show for local and big talents.

    Well, the maz shared a prevalent point of view from the host, herself- Othelia Marwieh. BRAVO.

    About the Show:
    The Othelia JOY Show’s goal is simple: thrust the positive news about communities; link the diversity of cultures; connect locals to big media; expose great peoples, business men and women, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc. to others. Even though the show is an arduous journey, but we are sure to continue it by God’s grace. Even though the show is an arduous journey, but we are sure to continue it by God’s grace.