‘Taste of Liberia’ Cultural Festival Coming To Minnesota This Summer

A delectable cultural festival is coming to Minnesota this summer. Taste of Liberia will highlight the beautiful attributes of Liberian cuisine, culture, and the country’s potential as a mega cultural and destination location.

The festival will showcase a new vision for how Liberia can rebrand and move forward after being declared Ebola-free on May 9th, 2015. The festival begins on July 5th and concludes on Liberia’s Independence Day, July 26th.

Taste of Liberia is lead by Liberian Nathan S. White of Nextainment, LLC. The festival is dedicated to the memory his mother, Fatu Gittens-White (July 13, 1954 – May 2, 2014).

Several events (at various locations in Minnesota) will take place during the course of the festival such as  a “Taste Off” competition of the best Liberian chefs, caterers, and culinary students, a lip sync battle, and a gala event with a silent auction to raise funds for Ebola orphans.

The vision behind Taste of Liberia is to celebrate over 168 years of remarkable history, arts, cultural heritage, and rich foods of Africa’s only republic founded by free African-American settlers. The tale of Liberian foods is a rich story of slavery,  geo-politics, ethnic and cultural diversity, innovation, and a road map for future prosperity for a unique and dynamic people.

Taste of Liberia will allow Liberians, Americans, and others to gain a better understanding and education around their shared history, foods, arts, and cultures.

Interested vendors, sponsors, and community groups can find more info here.

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