What Will Barway Teach Us

Written by reader Thomas Harris regarding the murder of 10-year-old Liberian boy,  Barway Collins


I believe in every unfortunate situation one must always seek out the teachable aspects and use that as a way to side step the circumstances that predicated the event.

Yes, the incident about little Barway is gravely sad and gut wrenching. I can’t imagine what his family are going through.

Instead of just standing on the sidelines and either crying for Caesar or calling for his execution, how many of us men are looking intensely at the markers in this unfortunate saga and taking heed about what kind of home or stable environment we create for our children.

What kind of father we all should in fact be considering that according to the comments on social media some men have concluded that (maybe rightly so) that the accused was a substandard father.

I hope this unfortunate incident is a wake up call for us Liberian men that in this strange land we find ourselves…we don’t have a village to bring up a child. It’s not a woman’s job because she too is a bread winner.

In this dog eat dog land…we men in or out of a relationship have to be the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost for our children.

Our children don’t have to be duck taped and drowned to make us substandard fathers. By us not stepping up for them, not only with finance, but with our presence, which so many of us take for granted we could just be duck taping and drowning their dreams, aspirations and achievements.



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  • I agree with this. This should be a wake up call. Too many of our children get mistreated while in Liberia. Sometimes in America we get caught up on the American dream and have no time to make sure our children,nieces, cousins are being raised right. We forget our values here

    • Another Liberian in today’s news. Phoenix police denied bond to a Liberian man because of his ties to the Ivory Coast. He was charged with reckless manslaughter for getting drunk and leaving his two year old son in the car on a 90 degree Phoenix day. Police say the toddler obviously struggled furiously to get out of the car. My prayers go out to the Liberian community and their fellow countrymen.

  • I am struggling to find a reason for this tragedy. The insurance does not remotely justify this outrageous crime. My opinion is, in the demented mind of murderer/rapist Pierre Collins, he figured he brought Barway into the world, therefore he can take him out. May Pierre Collins rot in he!! for all eternity.